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TRÄUMA - Dokumente einer eigenwilligen Existenz (German only)
[Collection of Poetry + Mini-Short-Stories]

A symbolist, surrealist and constructivist ecstasy, freely juggling sense and nonsense. The story of a man who is faced with the ruins of his own existence and finally wants to become free inside.

What is this all about? About the dreamery of a traumatized person? Or about the trauma of a dreamer? Or maybe about dreams which turn out to be the aftermath of a trauma? I think it is about all of these. In any case, it's about fantasy, which...

JOURNALISM STUFF [an overview]



Texts, reports, interviews, record reviews and more for: Stardust Magazine, Legacy Magazine, Fuze Magazine, Terrorverlag,, et al. 

SCREENPLAYS [work in progress]

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