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FILM [a selection]

[Experimental Feature Film]

WHEN DUSK TURNS DARK_Iconographic Poster [_Fireferret].png

WINNER: Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival (Best Experimental Film), Transparent Film Festival (Best Feature Film), L. A. Neo Noir Film Festival (Best Film), Cinematic Panic (Best Film), Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (Critics' Choice Awards), Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (Best Experimental Film / Best Feature Film), International Moving Film Festival (Finalist) + many more diverse FILM FESTIVALS (Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, Hallucinea Film Festival, Pure Magic International Film Festival et al.)

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin Flash Film Festival, New York Neorealism Film Awards, Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, Toronto Multicultural Film Festival, International World Film Awards, Rome Outcast Independent Film Awards + many more diverse FILM FESTIVALS

AS A YOUNG MAN [Feature Documentary]

WINNER: Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival (Best Documentary), Sanctuary International Film Festival (Best Feature Documentary), Only The Best Film Awards (Best Feature Documentary), New Generation Film Festival (Finalist), Lacorne International Film Festival (Finalist)

OFFICIAL SELECTION: SonderBlu Film Festival, LIFFT INDIA FILMOTSAV & AWARDS - World Cine Fest, Lift-Off First-Time Filmmaker Sessions


my part: Writer / Director / Editor / Co-Producer


GENRE: Mystery / Noir / Neo-Noir / Experimental / Essay

After his last mission ('The Cypher') the private philosophy investigator IVAN JOOHNSSON loses himself in an identity crisis vortex of absurdity. With the HEISENBERG COFFER in his luggage he's driving directionlessly into the Nothingness, until he arrives in the secretive city called BETAPOLIS, where he discovers mysteria through the barkeeping actress KARINA VON GADOT. Dark guises are after him. Now... Is the mystery a philosophically exaggerated phantasy of his mind or does it really exist?

my part: Writer / Director / Editor / Colorist (Remastered Edition)


GENRE: Documentary / Essay


The concentrated critical power of Wolfgang M. Schmitt: the unique German film critic with taste, style and a razor-sharp mind. Especially nowadays, film as art needs a program of intellectual pervasion, aesthetic awareness, critical reflection, as well as historical classification. Like no other, Wolfgang M. Schmitt stands for this countercultural anti-Marvel gospel!

[Short Film]

WINNER: ONED International Film Festival (Best Horror Short Film), Cloud 9 Film Awards (Best First Time Director), Accord Cine Fest (Best Debut Director Short), Diabolical Horror Film Festival (Best Editing), ICAN/LAX International Film Competition (Finalist), Andromeda Film Fest (Best Horror Short), Make Art Not Fear (Semi-Finalist), Independent Horror Movie Awards (Best Twist / Best Actress), The Monthly Film Festival (Nominee)

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Women Cinema and Arts International Film Festival, Speculative Film Festval, Dead in Decatur Film Festival, Kurzfilmfestival Gütersloh, Lift-Off Online Sessions



my part: Writer / Director / Editor


GENRE: Comedy / Horror / Theological Movie

A friendly old, exiled ex-movie diva is visited by two missionaries who enter her living room and try to win her over for a doomsday faith community. The whimsical lady seems helplessly at the mercy of the two whippersnappers, until they stumble through a momentous revelation...

my part: Writer / Director / Editor / Colorist


GENRE: Experimental

The principle of "Stream of Consciousness": Associating instead of rationalising! Back to the roots of cinema with ZWIEWELT XS: The journey, the perception, the spectacle. How does one get from the idea of the world as a dream illusion to film as a dream, from the philosophical to the poetic penetration of the world? From the Cartesian "I think, therefore I am" to the cinematographic "I film, therefore I am"? Oh yes... and there was Godard, who once cheekily claimed to need only TWO THINGS for a complete film... So it's the intoxication of filming and thinking. A screen as mirror of the world and an evil deceiver demon as a thought manipulator. Only a meditation of Renatus Cartesius can help!

[Short Film]

my part: Writer / Director / Editor / Actor


GENRE: Poetry / Drama

The night always has a high price. The cost of past love is even greater. DUDE, MAN, LADY and RANDOM DUDE want to know. In a nocturnal trip inspired by the French poet Baudelaire, they confront their innermost desires and repression strategies of their own hearts.

DÜNAMIT - Blue Moon
[Music Video]

my part: Director / Editor


CATEGORY: Music Video [Blues / Rock / Hard Rock]


The deep rocking shit straight from the AlibibiBarbara Bar, BETACITY.
You're watching a dirty CinePOWER Rock'n'Roll Performance by DÜNAMIT captured in: WHEN DUSK TURNS DARK.

BENEFICIAL CONCERT "NIKOLAIKIRCHE" for the orphanage Ailans Rainbow [Impression Film]

FEEDBACK KOLLEKTIV - TRANCEdigital Performance [Teaser]

my part: Director / Cinematographer / Editor


CATEGORY: Concert Film

Impressions and expressions from the emotionally & atmospherically impressive concert evening at the Altstädter Nicolaikirche (Bielefeld) on 05 May 2018.

my part: Director / Cinematographer / Editor

CATEGORY: Performance Film / Teaser


A performance about the utopia/dystopia of life without sleep.

ARTISTS UNLIMITED ULTD. | A weekend in the artists' vault [Short Documentary]

NASTROVJE! NOWGOROD! [Eisenstein Battleship Potemkin Mash-Up]

my part: Director / Cinematographer / Editor

CATEGORY: Artist Portrait

With the artists, there's always something going on in there! Art, bric-a-brac and consorts come here fully on their and at full cost. One day it happened... EVA FUNK / SHPRESA FAQUI / MARIA STURM were present artistically and in the flesh. This film makes the appropriate audiovisual confession. Enjoy it. But don't groove too hard.

my part: Director / Editor


GENRE: Experimental / Collage Film


A collage of attractions in 2 acts. Experimental contribution as an amalgamation of the montage concepts of the heyday of Russian silent film and the ethical problematisation of the pictorial (iconoclastic) glorification of heroism, pathos, propaganda & war. Not intended as moralising, more as opening up an open cultural and aesthetic space of thought. Screened at the "Bielefelder Nachtvisionen" 2017.

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