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about me

Brevity is the spice of life! In a joking tone, I once commented to a good friend that I was a wanderer between worlds. Interestingly, I didn't realize how much this thoughtless joking analogy was a realistic assessment of my creative personality.

I've been writing since I was 15 (year 2001), for a total of over 20 years (including narrative book publications, journalism for print & online music magazines & blogs, readings, poetry slams, etc.). In the semi-, as well as professional film business I'm on the road since the year 2015. "In between" I studied philosophy / media studies & pedagogy (University of Osnabrück). I dedicate my life to art and the transmission of aesthetic & artistic experiences! Radical programmatic aestheticism related to the creative work and in addition a good portion of sense for the co-creation of social realities (media education).

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